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All of our poling platforms are custom fabricated to each boat.  Built with your specific needs in mind. Includes your choice of tri-oval or rectangular deck, basic model includes one step per side.


Description Price
Poling Platform,  single step  $700.00
Two step platform (add $70.00) $770.00
Rod Holders, slotted for spinning reels or tulip style (weld on) $55.00
Seat Mount for poling platform (seat not included) $300.00
Safety Rail/Grab Rail for poling platform (removable) $300.00
Trolling motor mount (for transom style motors, black anodized, one bolt removable, stainless steel hex wrench included) extra base plate $30.00 $300.00
All around light (8" folding) $45.00
38" Folding seat back (durable marine quality cushion. aluminum folding poles with vinyl sleeves) $245.00
58" Folding seat back (durable marine quality cushion. aluminum folding poles with vinyl sleeves) $320.00
Sockets for seat back poles (deck mount fuel fill style with screw on cap when not in use) $200.00

email or call for needs not listed here

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